Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend (Sakshi) Video, Names, Story Behind, Police Action

Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend | Sakshi – Sahil Case | Sakshi Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend | Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend Police

May 29 has reported a horrifying incident, a boy named Sahil brutally murdered his girlfriend. After this happened the people to her to hospital in a rush. Whereas, the whole incident got recorded on CCTV camera. There were many people seeing this incident but nobody tried to save her or even stop incident. They Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend both has a relationship but they might have got into a fight which then evoked murder thoughts in Sahil’s mind.

Delhi boy killed girlfriend

This incident happened in Shahbad which is situated at the North area of Delhi and this case is happened near Delhi Technological university. It is more hurtful to say that the girl got stabbed like 34 times by her boyfriend Sahil. Sahil used a knife then a concrete slab. Apart from that there was a CCTV installed which caught the recording of this crime incident. Sahil is getting accused to hurt the minor girl. After this, he has beaten her with his leg and then he starts beating her with stone. There were may of the people going and coming but no one tried to help poor 16 years old girl.

Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend

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In the video footage, the boy is running after the girl got dead and then he comes back within a few seconds and start to beat er with a bash of stones. The public was just watching doing these and no one tried to stop him and save the girl. After this incident, the police came to search for him but he hid himself and then switched off his mobile.

Sakshi – Sahil Case

ये घटना शाहबाद की है जो दिल्ली के उत्तरी इलाके में स्थित है और ये मामला दिल्ली टेक्नोलॉजिकल यूनिवर्सिटी के पास का है. ये कहना ज्यादा दुखदायी है कि लड़की को उसके बॉयफ्रेंड साहिल ने 34 बार चाकू से वार किया. साहिल ने चाकू का इस्तेमाल किया फिर कंक्रीट स्लैब का। इसके अलावा वहां एक सीसीटीवी लगा हुआ था, जिसमें इस अपराध की घटना की रिकॉर्डिंग कैद हो गई। साहिल पर नाबालिग लड़की को प्रताड़ित करने का आरोप लग रहा है। इसके बाद उसने उसे अपने पैर से पीटा और फिर उसे पत्थर से पीटना शुरू कर दिया। लोग आते-जाते रहे लेकिन किसी ने 16 साल की गरीब लड़की की मदद करने की कोशिश नहीं की।

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वीडियो फुटेज में लड़का लड़की के मरने के बाद भाग रहा है और फिर वह कुछ सेकंड के भीतर वापस आता है और पत्थरों की मार से एर को पीटना शुरू कर देता है। जनता बस ये सब देख रही थी और किसी ने उसे रोकने और लड़की को बचाने की कोशिश नहीं की. इस घटना के बाद पुलिस उसकी तलाश में आई लेकिन वह छिप गया और फिर अपना मोबाइल बंद कर लिया।

More about the man who killed this girl

The full name of the murdered is Sahil Sarfaraz and his father’s name is Sarfaraz. The girl who got murdered by this boy was his girlfriend. She was just 16 years old and her name is Sakshi. As she brought to the hospital the doctors gave her some first aid but it was of no use as she was dead already then the doctors declared her dead. She was already dead before reaching the hospital.

This news came flashing in every platform and it such a shame for our nation where no one thinks twice before these such incidents. There is no fear of police among criminals. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal took to twitter and reacted to this hurtful incident.

Issue or story behind this incident

The young girl was going to attend the party of her friend and she was walking down the streets. She was unaware of the fact that Sahil, her boyfriend is following her. After which she got caught by him, the boy started beating her with stones. Little girl didn’t know that even in public she is unsafe as the crowd over there didn’t do anything in her favour.

Now, the father of this girl appealing for death sentence to the 20-year-old boy Sahil so that his daughter gets the justice. The Delhi Boy Killed Girlfriend situation is so worst that her head broken down into pieces and it is so hurtful not for only her family but for our nation as well. This is why Sakshi’s father wants justice. This issue is catching fire and many of the ministers are questioning the security system of Delhi.

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