Holi 2023 Date In India, History, Time, Holika Dahan Muhurat

Holi 2023 Date & Time March 8, 2023, Holika Dahan Muhurat, Panchnag | Holi Kab Hai 2023 History, Shubh Muhurat, Essay

Holi is a traditional festival that is celebrated in India every year. This year Holi will be celebrated on March 8, 2023. So, the wait of the people who love the Holi festival is over as Holi is arriving next month. Holi known as the festival of colors makes people realize that winter is ending and soon summer will start. Citizens of India now can start planning how they will celebrate Holi this year. Kids can start collecting their favorite colors powders and water guns. People should use organic colors and gulaal to play Holi.

Holi 2023

Happy Holi 2023

Every year, Holi is celebrated two days in India, one day is Holika Dahan which will be one day before Holi. So, this year Holika Dahan which is also called Chhoti Holi will be on March 7. In Holika Dahan, the people of India light a bonfire, collect around it and offer prayers. There is a special time at which Holika Dahan is done. The second day is the main Holi, in which people play colors and enjoy the festival. On March 8, 2023, people will dress in white and enjoy the day by dancing and singing.

People enjoy this festival by throwing colors at each other. All schools, government offices, and private offices remain closed on this day as Holi is considered the big festival in India. This festival is celebrated by all age group people. People in different states celebrate Holi differently as in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh some traditional dishes are prepared only for the occasion of Holi. Dishes such as malpua, Dahi vada, and thandai. Thandai is a drink that is consumed and liked by a maximum number of people.

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Holi 2023 Overview

Name of the articleHoli 2023
Holika Dahan7 March, 06:24 PM to 08:51 PM
Date of HoliMarch 8

Holi History

Hiranya Kashyap, Holika and Prahlad are linked with the festival of Holi. Hiranyakashyap was king in Ancient India and Prahlad was his son. The king also had a sister named Holika. King Hiranyakashyap used to consider himself as God. He wanted everyone in his kingdom to consider him a God. He banned everyone from taking the name of God. But his son didn’t listen to him and started taking the name of God. Prahlad was a devotee of God and takes the name of God instead of his father.

As Prahlad was a devoted worshiper of Lord Vishnu, Hiranyakaship asked his sister Holika to kill his son. Holika had the benefit of not being consumed in the fire. So, king Hiranyakaship asked Holika to sit on the fire with his son on her lap. But Holika died while sitting in the fire and Prahlada was saved as he was a true devotee. After that, the king was killed by Lord Vishnu. So since then, the festival of Holika Dahan was started in memory of Prahlad. On Holika Dahan day, the people of India light a large fire one day before the Holi festival.

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Holi 2023 Date and Time 

Starting of Falgun month full moon dateMarch 6, 2023, from 4.17 pm.  
Ending of Falgun month full moon dateMarch 7 at 06:09.
Holika DahanMarch 7, 2023, from 6:24 to 8:51 Evening  
HoliMarch 8, 2023

Top Places to Celebrate Holi 2023 in India

Celebration In Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

The festival of Holi is celebrated every year all over India. Mathura is the place where Lord Krishna was born so it has many tourist attractions also. In the city, the temples are decorated beautifully and the festival is celebrated by hosting colorful events. The Holi celebration starts at Vishram Ghat and ends near Holi Gate. Many people gather at Dwarkadheesh Temple to celebrate Holi.   

Vrindavan Holi Celebration 2023 – Uttar Pradesh

Holi in Vrindavan is celebrated in a very different way. The Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan is the most attractive and visited place for Holi. People in Vrindavan play Phoolon ki Holi which is the major attraction.

Holi Celebration in Udaipur, Rajasthan

Udaipur is famous for the royal celebration of Holi as Maharaja and his family join the celebrations of Holi. The function of Holika Dahan is arranged in the courtyard of the royal palace. Local people perform a traditional folk dance around the bonfire. The Foreigners also celebrate Holi in Udaipur as many of them walk towards Jagdish Temple for the Celebration.

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